Service Agreement (Online Therapy) 


Legal terms of offer

In accepting Tavistock Relationships’ offer of webcam-based online counselling and/or therapy you accept that the service is governed by English Law irrespective of the country in which the client/s is/are based. Any disputes or disagreements arising from the provision of services under the terms of this engagement will be dealt with accordingly.

General arrangements for therapy

Tavistock Relationships offers online couple and individual therapy via the ZOOM platform which is a secure, confidential and reliable video software. Please familiarise yourself with the technical information provided and prepare for the session so you are ready to start on time. While we have done our utmost to choose a platform with a very high level of security, it is important that you keep in mind that all online transactions carry with them an inherent level of risk. It is your responsibility to ensure that privacy is safeguarded at your end, that your hardware is safe, and that conversations are not being recorded or overheard. Recording sessions without the explicit consent of both therapist and the client/s will be considered as breach of the service agreement.

Payment arrangements

The initial consultation is charged at a fixed rate of £70 at the time of booking the session. It might be that the therapist will recommend a second consultation and this again will be charged at the time of booking it. The fee for the ongoing sessions will be decided in the initial consultation and will range between £70 and £180. Once ongoing therapy commences, you will be paying for all the sessions remaining for that month up front, and after that every 1st day of the month for the number of sessions due in the month to come. If for financial reasons you prefer to pay weekly in advance please discuss this with your therapist

Cancellations and missed appointments

Because your therapy is a regular weekly session which is reserved just for you, we have to charge if you miss or cancel a booked session. If the therapist has to cancel a paid-for session then you will be offered either a refund or amended invoice for the month after. The therapist will give advance notice of any upcoming breaks or holidays that they are taking, and you will not be invoiced for those dates.

Technical problems

Should either party experience technical difficulties, we both endeavour to email straight away and/or try to reconnect online as soon as possible. If overall, more than 15 minutes of the session has not occurred due to therapist-related technical problems we will offer to supplement this time, and if this is not possible, we will agree a reduced rate for that session in proportion to the service received.

Clinical emergency

Tavistock Relationships’ webcam-based online counselling and psychotherapy is aimed at helping clients with their relationship. It is not possible for online therapy sessions to help with clinical emergency. In any case of clinical emergency, severe distress, and other more urgent mental health difficulties clients must contact their GP, the local A&E, and/or any other local services as appropriate to their difficulties.

Before the initial consultation

• Please ensure you have your appointment email with details on how to access your session close at hand.
• Launch the Zoom application and login a few minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your session.

In the initial consultation the therapist you see will explore your current difficulties and think with you about how to proceed. We will want to ensure that your situation is best suited to having online therapy. However online therapy is not always suitable, and in such cases we will try to recommend more suitable options that you might then wish to explore.

If Tavistock Relationships is able to offer ongoing therapy you will receive confirmation of this shortly after your first online session. Subsequent meetings will normally take place at the same time as the first on a weekly basis.


Tavistock Relationships adheres to a professional code of ethical standards which includes the principle of confidentiality. This means that we would not disclose information about you to a third party without your agreement, except in situations where there was serious and significant concern about harm to you or someone else, and this would normally be discussed with you beforehand.

If you are seen as a couple we would normally expect that information can be shared between you. If you have any questions about confidentiality you can discuss them with your therapist.

Boundaries of therapy

Therapy sessions are offered every week at the same time. While the online framework provides a sense of connection, it is not appropriate to engage with your therapist through social networks inbetween sessions. Communication with the therapist inbetween sessions should be made through our appointments team.

Feedback forms and outcome monitoring

We seek to gather feedback about the effectiveness of our services and will ask you to complete some questionnaires at certain intervals during the course of your therapy. This will be done by sending you a link via an email, and we would be grateful if you could complete all questionnaires prior to the next session. The therapist will have access to your answers, and your answers will also be collated anonymously so we can look at how helpful our sessions are overall. If you have any questions about these forms, please speak to your therapist.


If you are unhappy with the therapy you are receiving, or with any other aspect of your contact with Tavistock Relationships, it may be helpful to discuss this with your therapist in the first instance. If you would like to discuss your concerns with someone else, please let us know by contacting our online team at

For further information please see our FAQs factsheet.

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