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Tavistock Relationships, specialists in relationship counselling and psychotherapy, are offering a course of online relationship counselling in the lockdown and isolation period caused by Covid 19.

The offer
4 online meetings with couple psychotherapists, for couples and individuals to explore how the current situation is affecting their relationship.

Start your sessions now in order to enhance your relationship and communication in time for the seasonal period.

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Enquire by email using the form above, or call us on 0207 380 1960. If calling please ask for our 'Lockdown offer'.

Enquire by email using the form above, or call us on 0207 380 1960. If calling please ask for our 'Lockdown offer'.

Who is the Relationship Help for?
• Anyone who is concerned about stress on their relationships and other anxieties such as health, money, loneliness, feeling low or overwhelmed by feelings.

What is your approach?
• Our approach focusses on strengths in your relationships which may be under duress at this time, helping couples to recover, or hold onto, their resilience during this time of change and uncertainty.

Our aim is to provide couples or individuals with the thinking space they need to face the challenges of the current crisis, to understand the stresses they are experiencing and mobilise their resources. Although the support involves only 4 online meetings, the benefits may be long-term.

What is the cost?
• Our standard pricing is £100 per meeting.
• What if I can’t afford this? If you would like to receive help but don't think you can afford the lowest rate - contact us and we will see what we can do to help to ensure you can access our service..

Donation option
For clients able to afford a charitable contribution, which will support us to deliver our services to those who can’t afford to pay, our fees can be subject to gift aid, A donation can help others who are on low incomes or benefits to access our services.

Any amount agreed and paid over the standard session rate will be eligible for gift aid and a tax deduction for higher rate tax payers.

What is involved?
Once an appointment has been made the couple or individual will meet online with a therapist for an initial meeting lasting 50 minutes. If by the end of the initial meeting, it is agreed that this approach would be helpful, three further meetings will be arranged.

Why Tavistock Relationships?
We are a non-profit organisation that has been helping to support relationships for more than 70 years, formed to help families in the aftermath of the Second World War, and we are well-placed to help in this current national crisis, with client satisfaction at over 90%, and a strong evidence base for the effectiveness of our work.

Here’s what some of our clients say

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