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Free relationship support programme provides valuable help for hundreds of NHS and care worker staff

Published in News on June 16th 2022

Over 300 couples, and more than 600 people in total, have responded to a special free counselling programme for couples delivered by specialist relationships therapy organisation Tavistock Relationships as part of a new employee support initiative commissioned by five NHS hubs in London. 

Staff are offered sessions of counselling support to address concerns about stress on their relationships, and other anxieties such as health, money, loneliness, feeling low or being overwhelmed.

The impacts of extra work during the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis have both contributed to the severity of these challenges for hard-working staff, their partners and families, and the high number of referrals received perhaps reflects that.

The counselling works by bringing in the worker and their partner, if they have one, to see a highly trained Tavistock Relationships counsellor. The sessions provide the thinking space they need to be able to face the challenges of working in demanding times, understand the stresses they are experiencing and build their resilience. Although the support involves up to six online meetings, the benefits may be long-term.

Despite the high take up, support sessions are still available for further staff in the five participating London hubs. Counselling sessions can be delivered via webcam or in person. Based on the uptake, Tavistock Relationships hopes to offer the programme to other NHS trusts around the country.

For more information or to get the help, if you work in the NHS hubs listed below, visit the referral page.

  • North West London - keepingwellnwl.nhs.uk
  • North Central London - keepingwellncl.nhs.uk
  • North East London - keepingwellnel.nhs.uk
  • South East London - keepingwellsel.nhs.uk
  • South West London - https://www.swlondon.nhs.uk/support-for-staff/

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