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Youth Endowment Fund commissions Tavistock Relationships to deliver therapy for parents in conflict

Published in Press Releases by Tavistock Relationships on February 16th 2023

Tavistock Relationships, the charity helping individuals and couples to have better relationships, has received funding from the Youth Endowment Fund’s ‘A supportive home – helping families to overcome challenges’ grant round, in partnership with Comic Relief, to deliver a programme of Mentalization-Based Therapy for Parents under Pressure.

The pilot study, to be evaluated by Sheffield Hallam University, will support 350 children whose parents are experiencing high levels of relationship conflict that is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, with 10 sessions of Mentalization-Based Therapy to help them improve their communication for the benefit of their children. The 18-month programme will begin in March.

Chanel Hayre, Evaluation Manager for the Youth Endowment Fund, says:
“The Youth Endowment Fund exists to prevent children and young people becoming involved in violence. Having a supportive home helps to keep children safe from involvement in violence. Where children live in homes where there’s conflict, they’re at higher risk. That’s why we’re funding and evaluating this programme delivered by Tavistock Relationships, so we can learn more about how therapies and interventions reduce parental conflict and improve relationships between parents.”

Sarah Ingram, Associate Director of Strategy & Partnerships at Tavistock Relationships, explains:
“Research shows us that sustained conflict between parents can have a negative effect on children’s development in terms of mental and physical health. They can experience problems at school, sleep difficulties and problems with the relationships they make themselves as they grow up.

“Our Mentalization-Based Therapy helps people to better understand their own and others’ mental states and improve communication so that they are less prone to expressing their feelings in high conflict or other destructive acting-out. Thanks to funding from the Youth Endowment Fund, Tavistock Relationships therapists will work with parents to help them regulate their emotions more effectively by learning skills that improve their communication with their co-parent, whether they are living together or are separated.

“The work focuses, in particular, on helping parents to think about their children’s experiences of the conflict and they are helped to bring to the child to the front of their minds during arguments. This is key to helping parents achieve real and lasting change for the benefit of their children and themselves.”

Dr Abi Millings, Associate Professor of Applied Social Psychology at Sheffield Hallam University’s Centre for Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology (CeBSAP), says:
“Thanks to their grant from the Youth Endowment Fund, we welcome this opportunity to work with Tavistock Relationships to evaluate the effects of their Mentalization-Based Therapy for parents experiencing high levels of relationship conflict.”

Find out more about Tavistock Relationships' range of services here or call 020 7380 1960.


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Notes for editors

Established in 1948, Tavistock Relationships is a charity providing relationship support services for couples and families www.tavistockrelationships.org

The Youth Endowment Fund was established in March 2019 by children’s charity Impetus, with a £200m endowment and ten year mandate from the Home Office www.youthendowmentfund.org.uk

About Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University's vision is to become the world's leading applied university, transforming lives and creating opportunities for people from all backgrounds.

With more than 33,500 students, it is one of the UK's largest universities and a leading provider of health education and teacher training. Sheffield Hallam also educates more students from underrepresented backgrounds than any other UK university.

The application of knowledge is at the heart of everything the University does, from students’ learning and experience to business partnerships and innovative research addressing real world challenges.

As a university proudly of its place, Sheffield Hallam is committed to Sheffield and South Yorkshire. In recognition of providing leadership to drive improvements in social mobility, health and the economy, the University recently received the Outstanding Contribution to the Local Community award at the Times Higher Education Awards (2022).

Sheffield Hallam’s award-winning approach has also seen it named University of the Year at both the Educate North Awards (2022) and the UK Social Mobility Awards (2021) as well as Outstanding Entrepreneurial University of the Year (2021).

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