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Why online counselling works to help couples, using the latest technology.



John Fenna, Head of Marketing & Communications

When you sign up to an appointment for online counselling or psychotherapy, one of the things you will want to know is that the technology is user-friendly. This is a common question, and it is a vital issue for people considering online therapy. We all know that counselling and therapy can be challenging, and the last thing we want is to find ourselves struggling to get the technology to work!

Although it is very common for couples, families and relatives to keep in touch via tools like Skype when living far away from one another, or on their travels, when it comes to accessing counselling or psychotherapy, concerns about privacy and security are of greater importance, as the nature of the communication is very personal . To open up and explore sensitive issues, all of us need to feel we are in a private and safe situation - one that is protected from intrusion.

Here at Tavistock Relationships, we have set up our Online Couple Therapy service in order to widen our reach to people who can’t easily access our London centres. We are able to help couples with the myriad of challenges they may be facing, and our highly trained staff are able to offer help for couples in conflict, experiencing difficulties in parenting, considering separation coping with divorce, of facing many other issues of couple and family life. When you start online counselling, our team will support you to make accessing our service simple and straightforward, so that the initial consultation with your therapist will happen as smoothly as possible. They will ask you some questions to help understand whether online therapy is a good option for you. You will then be provided with a brief guide with instructions showing how to set up your internet connection and tablet or PC.

In preparation for your first online counselling appointment, we will provide a link to enable you to connect with your therapist. This link will allow you to download a small application that will then allow you to connect with the counsellor or psychotherapist seeing you.

We are currently using the Zoom platform (more information can be found here: www.zoom.us) which is entirely cloud-based. This means it provides you with access to us through an internet browser such as Google Chrome. You will not need to download Zoom software, although a small web application may be installed on your system.

Zoom Video Communications is the leading provider of enterprise cloud video communications technology in the world today. It has an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 69, meaning it is the most recommended product in its field by the people who use it and was named TMC.Net 2017 Communications Solutions Product of the Year.

Our users have appreciated the simplicity with which they can access our webcam counselling:

“Quick and responsive.”
Couple, England

“The service has been very efficient.”
Couple Based in England and Spain

As our online counselling and psychotherapy service enters its second year we are seeing a greater number of customers approaching us, with enquiries coming in from all over the UK, Europe and even further afield. While webcam technology is key to the delivery of this service, our therapists are skilled at focusing on your needs without being distracted by the technology, and our efficient systems will help you to do likewise.

If you are considering online therapy we will be very happy to hear from you. Please call 020 7380 1960 or check our Online Therapy service here.