a couple sitting on couch receiving online counselling  via laptop

Why online therapy (or ‘Skype Counselling’) is safe secure and valuable for clients

David Smith [name changed for anonymity purposes] trained with Tavistock Relationships and has been working as a psychotherapy counsellor for over five years. He provides online psychotherapy sessions for Tavistock Relationships having received specialist training in the medium. 

Q: What’s the best thing about being a couples’ psychotherapist?

A: I’d say it’s helping people to rediscover their connection.  Very often people turn up to therapy in despair and are unable to talk to each other.  It’s really rewarding to work with a couple and see them do better by the end.  Over half the couples who have undergone counselling together with us have recovered by the end of the therapy.

Q: Have the things that challenge our relationships changed in the last 10 to 20 years?

A: Yes – I believe the way relationships are portrayed in the media, on the internet and through social media is a huge problem because it makes people believe that everyone can have the ideal partner, perfect sex and it all happens so easily, without any effort.  Because people are led to believe relationships should be so easy, they have unrealistic expectations and they often aren’t prepared to put the effort or commitment in when things become difficult.  If it doesn’t work out they just want to walk away from it.  This isn’t real life, but it’s very seductive.

Q: Tavistock Relationships are pioneering a new online therapy service to make its services available to people who are not able to access its central London-based centres – what are the differences when working online as opposed to face-to-face, and what are the similarities?

A: The obvious difference is that they aren’t in the same room, but it’s just as productive and helpful to the couple.

Q: What is your biggest concern about delivering therapy online?

A: Our online therapy services use a secure high-quality platform – it’s vital that therapy sessions remain completely confidential and that the line is stable and not liable to break down during the session.

Q: Have you noticed a difference in the type of people using online therapy, as opposed to face-to-face?

A: Many travel a lot so online works for them.  It’s really important to have regular weekly counselling sessions.  Sometimes people have mobility problems so it’s difficult for them to travel to our centres, or they might have young children and can’t afford a babysitter.  Some are living abroad too.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to couples experiencing difficulties with the relationship, what would it be?

A: You’re not alone.  It’s quite normal to experience difficulties in your relationship.  At some point, all relationships challenge the individual to grow and develop so do seek professional help as early as you can. With online counselling, you can access our specialist couple experts easily and quickly and from your own home. Even if one of both partners are not at home, the technology allows sessions to take place.

To book an initial consultation with one of Tavistock Relationships’ therapists to find out if couple therapy could help your relationship, go to our Online Counselling page or call us on 02073801960.