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Our organisational response to the death of George Floyd and the evils of racism and discrimination.

The murder of George Floyd is a shocking reminder of the injustice, dehumanization, and murderous consequences of racism. It should not take such death and suffering to remind us that racism, and the multiple inequalities and injustices that it causes, is a life or death issue. Ours is not a political or campaigning organisation, but this issue is about our shared humanity and is closely connected to our work as a mental health organisation - because racism and inequality lead to worse mental health for people from BAME communities.

Tavistock Relationships is predominantly White, lacking the diversity in our staff and student bodies that we should have, in order to be an inclusive organisation which is enabling to all. We still have a long way to go in fully addressing these issues, but going forwards we will make equality, race and diversity a strategic priority for which we can be openly ambitious and accountable, matching our aspirations with positive and effective action leading to change.