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Kate Thompson - a couple psychoanalytic psychotherapist, faculty staff member and clinical lecturer at Tavistock Relationships. 

In these times couples therapy has moved online to make us feel there is someone outside who can help.

Why our FREE parenting and relationship offer is so helpful for Londoners in 7 boroughs.

Together or separated couples in Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham, Croydon, Brent and Lambeth can access free relationship and parenting support currently, here we explain why seeking help to reduce arguments with your partner can improve not only your wellbeing, but your children's.

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Alice Hargreaves, Relationship & Parenting Practitioner with Tavistock Relationships

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John Fenna - summarises from a couple counselling perspective, taken from an interview given on BBC Radio with one of our psychotherapists. 

Post festive relationship blues – how and why this occurs and what you can do.

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By Naomi Mwamba, Family and Parenting Practitioner, Reducing Parental Conflict Programme

Tavistock Relationships’ Naomi Mwamba lists aspects of couple commitment that you may want to give some thought to, before you say ‘I do’.


Our experience also shows that specialist teacher training is required, as relationship issues are a key concern for children


By John Fenna

From September 2020, RSE will be compulsory in secondary schools and Relationship Education will be compulsory in all primary schools. The aim is to put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds.

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How can I help my children after divorce or separation?

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by Krisztina Glausius and Leezah Hertzmann,  an extract from When Parents Separate: Getting it Right for the Children
A Guide for Parents, Tavistock Relationships

How our Psychosexual therapy expertise helps with female desire in mid life and beyond 

Marian Oconnor

By Marian O'Connor

A journalist from the Telegraph phoned me last week to ask how the menopause affected women’s sexual functioning. As always, when it comes to sex, there is no straightforward answer.

Changes and Challenges I: When Two Become Three, Four or More

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By Elle Sidel and Damian McCann

Do you often feel at the end of your tether when it comes to parenting? Do you find yourself searching for advice and support, perhaps turning to parenting experts or therapists, only to be left feeling that, however helpful or sensible such expertise and support may seem, it somehow doesn’t quite resolve your situation? Do you experience more difficulties in your couple relationship after becoming parents? Do you worry about the impact of such difficulties on your children?

How to understand your rights in marriage or as a couple living together. And why it is important.

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Hazel Wright, Solicitor and Mediator
Trustee of Tavistock Relationships

For many of us cohabitation (living together) is a very natural state of being in the world today.

Finding out more about each other by sharing each other's living arrangements seems common sense. Additionally many opt to cohabit and ‘commit' together without considering marriage at all.

But there are important legal ramifications about these decisions that may come as a surprise.

Tavistock Therapists impart their expert advice about divorce and separation to callers on ITV’s This Morning programme

Our specialist couple therapists helped viewers struggling with their relationship or wanting advice on divorce or separation, running a phone in clinic on ITV’s This Morning show, which addressed Divorce and Separation.

Why it is beneficial to seek help early in your relationship, with key figures leading the way and breaking taboos.

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John Fenna explores our recent coverage in the media (via our therapist Joanna Harrison) on this high profile insight into marriage counselling.


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