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What kids ask themselves when their mums and dads split up

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by Krisztina Glausius and Leezah Hertzmann,  an extract from When Parents Separate: Getting it Right for the Children
A Guide for Parents, Tavistock Relationships

Some people believe that it is almost impossible to help parents in conflict develop a way of collaborative parenting together. This is not our experience. We find that most parents feel that despite the anger, loss and hurt that can follow the breakdown of their relationship, they still want to do their best for their children. This blog acts not so much a ‘How to’ guide, but more a ’What to avoid and why’, we explore what is important for children involved.

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Our survey finds they understand the value of good relationships for themselves and their children.

To celebrate the launch of our new parenting service Tavistock Relationships surveyed hundreds of couples with children who visited our social media pages. There were some interesting results - showing that today’s couples are acutely aware that their relationship affects their children.

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We need radical approaches to supporting relationships, not criticism of social care

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Andrew Balfour

CEO - Tavistock Relationships

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With life expectancy in the UK increasing, and the number of people aged over 65 set to increase by 51% between now and 2030, social care systems will increasingly encounter the kinds of difficulties which relationship support services are set up to address.

By Dr Sabah Khan, Clinical Psychologist & Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist  

Retirement: A Period of both loss and possibility

Retirement is a fluid concept; a long and important life stage which presents couples with a series of changes as their working lives draw to a close. 

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What help can I get if I find out my partner was unfaithful? 

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By Erica Herrero-Martinez

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Continuing our series of blogs to celebrate 70 years of helping couples, individuals and families.

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A step towards understanding why couples misunderstand their partner


By Susanna Abse

Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Part of our 70th Anniversary blog series celebrating psychotherapy in the past, present and future:

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Why online therapy (or ‘Skype Counselling’) is safe secure and valuable for clients

David Smith [name changed for anonymity purposes] trained with Tavistock Relationships and has been working as a psychotherapy counsellor for over five years. He provides online psychotherapy sessions for Tavistock Relationships having received specialist training in the medium. 

Parents Arguing

The impact of parental alienation on children.

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Damian McCann.

Head of Development & Learning, Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist & Clinical Lecturer

At Tavistock Relationships, we believe that the quality of our couple relationships profoundly affects how we feel about ourselves and has material and measurable consequences for our lives and those around us, affecting the emotional, cognitive and physical development of our children. Indeed, the Early Intervention Foundation places particular emphasis on how parents communicate and how they relate to each other as key factors in good outcomes. Essentially, children desire a strong and healthy relationship with both parents.

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Forcing blame on separating couples has a negative impact on the whole family process of ending a marriage 

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Andrew Balfour

Research published by the Nuffield Foundation in October this year shows what practitioners working with individuals and couples have long known to be the case: our divorce laws are out of date and incompatible with a modern family justice system which seeks to reduce conflict between couples who are divorcing; not amplify this – as the current law does. 


How online counselling can benefit the whole family.

Eve Ashley

Eve Ashley

Couple Psychotherapist at Tavistock Relationships

The relationship we have with our parents plays a unique part in the development of each of us, and the continuity of our lives through the generations.  Stories about our relationship with our parents, and the relationship they had together, begin before we were born, and will continue after we have died.


New family law rules to help protect children exposed to domestic abuse

hazel wright

Hazel Wright

Family law solicitor and mediator & Trustee of Tavistock Relationships

There is clear evidence that children are adversely affected if they are involved in domestic abuse [1].

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Why online counselling works to help couples, using the latest technology.



John Fenna, Head of Marketing & Communications

When you sign up to an appointment for online counselling or psychotherapy, one of the things you will want to know is that the technology is user-friendly. This is a common question, and it is a vital issue for people considering online therapy. We all know that counselling and therapy can be challenging, and the last thing we want is to find ourselves struggling to get the technology to work!

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Do men and women have different values? 

Thoughts on what 'cheating' in a relationship means

(From a conversation on BBC Radio London)

Online therapy blog

Online counselling, why webcam therapy can reach and help couples

Pierre Cachia, senior couple psychotherapist and counselling psychologist currently leading the development of online therapy services at Tavistock Relationships.


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