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Divorce and Separation

Dr Christopher Clulow, consultant visiting lecturer at Tavistock Relationships, interviews Family Law Professor Mervyn Murch about his book Supporting Children When Parents Separate: Embedding a Crisis Intervention Approach within Family Justice, Education and Mental Health Policy.

The full video is below.

The video covers:
• Introduction
• Biographical context
• The experience of children affected by parental separation
• The ‘first responder’ role opportunities for schools and their staff
• The need for ‘passage agent’ support for children from those working in family courts
• The challenge of conceptualising family justice as a system
• The problem of collaborating between different professional disciplines
• The case for interdisciplinary studies
• The value of symbols in conveying and encapsulating the search for balance
• Summary and conclusion

This video is ideal for policy makers and those working in education, mental health and family justice systems.

For more informaiton visit: http://centreforsocialpolicy.org/

To buy the book click here.


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