How our couple therapy works – the Tavistock method

Published in Blog by Limor Abramov on May 31st 2017

A question and answer session with Limor Abramov, Tavistock Relationships Clinical Director, on how we help couples and what is unique about Tavistock Relationship’s clinical services

Tavistock Relationships offers relationship support services to couples, individuals and parents. It is probably one of the largest psychotherapy providers in London. It is certainly one of the most renowned. We can trace our history back to the original Tavistock Clinic from the 1920s. Today we have a team of around 100 therapists, counsellors and psychologists who deliver together more than 17,000 sessions a year. We have two centres in London, one in Hallam Street and one in the City. Also, we have recently started delivering online therapy via a secured, confidential webcam platform, so our unique approach is available to those who live outside of London.

Today we have a team of around 100 therapists, counsellors and psychologists who deliver together more than 17,000 sessions a year.

Our methods have been developed over the period of almost 70 years that we have been providing help to couples, previously labelled marriage guidance, we now talk about what we do as relationship support, using psychotherapy and counselling. It combines clinical expertise, in depth theoretical knowledge, with research and training therapists. A number of innovative psychotherapy approaches stemmed from this core model. These approaches help a range of relationship difficulties, psychosexual problems, parenting issues, separation and divorce and other specialised programmes. We also see clients individually

What happens when I book a session?

When you book an initial consultation an experienced therapist will listen carefully to your unique story. Each and every case is then thought about carefully. Not only we have a range of skilled therapists (and we know them well because they were all trained here over a number of years), the range of therapeutic approaches, allows us to consider what would work for you, so we can match the specific situation to the type of therapy that is most likely to help you. Whether its two therapists, one therapist, longer term, time limited or offer any of our specialised programmes.

Committed to our ethos of supporting relationships and strengthening families, we aim to make therapy affordable. Uniquely, Tavistock Relationships is the only London based service that provides a payment on a sliding scale according to your income. This means that our services are accessible to all those who wish to use them.

Should I come to an initial consultation?

If you feel your relationship is not quite where you want it to be, you need to ask yourself whether talking about to an impartial, non-judgmental therapist, who is skilled in listening carefully and helping with relationship might be something you would benefit from. If you are not sure, the initial consultation can help you consider your particular situation. You can come as an individual, or as a couple.

Regardless of whether you carry on with therapy or not, the initial consultation is a helpful process in its own right.

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