New solutions for local authorities to address parental conflict

Published in Blog by Sarah Ingram on April 12th 2022

Tavistock Relationships is an internationally renowned charity for advanced practice, training, and research to support couples, individuals, and families.

For the past 5 years we have been working with local authorities across the country and beyond to create evidence-based interventions and toolkits to address the negative impact of parental conflict and its bearing on childhood outcomes. We have worked in partnership with over 30 local authorities on the DWP Workforce Development Grant funding. 

We are flexible in our approach and can deliver bespoke as well a pre-packaged solutions. For example, we recently supported several local authorities alongside SSCP’s Multi-Agency Training Manager Steve Macabee, who commented:

We worked closely with Tavistock Relationships and a cluster group of four authority areas to develop a range of training for practitioners to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reduce parental conflict. We have found Tavistock to be very understanding of our needs and very flexible in their approach, to ensure the best training opportunities to practitioners across our region.

For Georgina Atkins, Parenting Lead, Early Help with the Reducing Parental Conflict Black Country Partnership (Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton LA’s), the challenge was that staff weren’t always going on to utilise their parental conflict training, post training. In this case, we focused on developing staff working in senior and key Early Help family support positions to become specialist relationship champions. 

Georgina commented:

As well-known experts in this field we looked no further than Tavistock to help us on this developmental journey for our partnership, and we are very pleased we did. We now have 20 staff going through 6 month expert training; learning and developing new skills and ideas around supporting the parents own relationship, and also supporting other staff in their teams who are working with couples in relationship distress.  The training is excellent, giving those attending real space to reflect and design their specialist champion role so it fits with the different areas they work for.

Looking ahead, Tavistock Relationships has developed a range of solutions for local authorities which include technology-based solutions like apps as well as training courses, clinical supervision, consulting services and evaluation. We can deliver these solutions as part of the DWP Workforce Development programme and I am looking forward to working in partnership with local authorities to deliver and co-create:

1. Universal (level 1), early and moderate support training (levels 2-3) – training for frontline staff to identify parental conflict,
2. Specialist support training (level 4) for staff to deliver evidence-based specialist interventions to reduce parental conflict.
3. Train the trainer training for local staff to deliver RPC training, ensuring sustainability and impact.
4. Supporting LAs to develop bespoke in-house training.
5. Parental conflict digital resources/toolkits.
6. Consultation in the development of a strategic approach to RPC & supporting LAs to develop bespoke in-house training.
7. Evaluation - Evidence based local evaluation of processes and activities producing both qualitative and quantitative outputs.

For more information visit our Reducing Parental Conflict Programmes page.

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