Our Reducing Parental Conflict training - for frontline workers, managers and supervisors

Published in Blog by Sarah Ingram on April 20th 2022

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For frontline workers, managers and supervisors

At Tavistock Relationships we are proud to have a long history of training and programme development in the Reducing Parental Conflict space.

We are able to offer pre-packaged and bespoke training solutions for frontline workers, managers and supervisors in four ways:

  • A range of half-day workshops about co-parents in conflict
  • A one-day workshop: worrying inter-parental conflict or domestic violence or abuse
  • Clinical supervision and complex case support
  • Mentalization-based Approach to Reducing Parental Conflict

Half-day workshops

These include introductory workshops that focus on co-parents in conflict providing practical development. Advance workshops look at skills and techniques to use in helping parents communicate better and outcomes to achieve for children. We provide workshops on a variety of topics such as supervision and to help workers become more confident when working with co-parents.

Who are these for? These online or face to face workshops are suitable for frontline workers, managers and supervisors.

One-day workshops

We offer one-day workshops around worrying inter-parental conflict or domestic violence or abuse. This training provides tools to be able to distinguish high levels of conflict from abuse. The workshop looks at safeguarding, includes situational domestic violence and guidance on helping parents argue without losing sight of their children’s needs.

Who are these for? These workshops are aimed at practitioners and include practicing intervening and how to consolidate skills.

Clinical supervision and complex case support

These group supervision sessions are designed to support the more complex end of parental conflict work. The specialist group supervision sessions will get people to think about their cases and reflect on how things are and how things might be.

Who is this for? The sessions are available for support managers and practitioners who are working with couples. 

Mentalization-based Approach to Reducing Parental Conflict

This three-day, highly-focused course, provides the opportunity to develop practice with families where parental conflict is a problem. Including supporting parents to resist acting out their anger and frustration, and how to help parents make and sustain positive change.

Who is this for? Designed for frontline practitioners, early help, and anyone working directly with parents, whether separated or together, who are experiencing high levels of inter parental conflict person.

For more information, visit our Reducing Parent Conflict webpage or download the full Reducing Parental Conflict brochure. Alternatively, reach out to the Reducing Parental Conflict Team directly.

We worked closely with Tavistock Relationships and a cluster group of four authority areas to develop a range of training for practitioners to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reduce parental conflict. We have found Tavistock to be very understanding of our needs and very flexible in their approach, to ensure the best training opportunities to practitioners across our region.

As well-known experts in this field we looked no further than Tavistock to help us on this developmental journey for our partnership, and we are very pleased we did. We now have 20 staff going through 6 month expert training; learning and developing new skills and ideas around supporting the parents own relationship, and also supporting other staff in their teams who are working with couples in relationship distress.  The training is excellent, giving those attending real space to reflect and design their specialist champion role so it fits with the different areas they work for.

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