We need to talk about relationships.

Tavistock Relationships has conducted a YouGov survey of a nationally representative sample of people who are either married, living as married or in a civil partnership.

We wanted to find out how they felt about relationships. Read the full release here.

Why are relationships important?

A happy relationship provides positive couple and family dynamics, and has a profoundly positive effect on the mental health of adults & children. It also has been shown to improve children's life chances and can enhance other areas of our lives like work and physical health. 

We know that couple therapy works; evidence proves it.

At the end of last year, we published the largest ever study of couple therapy for adults showing that it is highly effective at improving relationships and reducing individual psychological distress.

You can read more here: The Effectiveness of Couple Therapy: Clinical Outcomes in a Naturalistic United Kingdom Setting’ by David Hewison, Polly Casey, & Naomi Mwamba, Tavistock Relationships, London, United Kingdom. (Download the PDF file here)

So what did we learn?

36 per cent would be persuaded

We need to #talkrelationships. We need more recognition of the positive role relationships play. We need to raise awareness of how couple counselling works to improve them.

64% of people across the UK in a long-term relationship said that, even if their relationship was in difficulty, they were unlikely to seek professional help.

This is despite that fact that, according to a recent Relate study, 1 in 5 couples considered their relationship to be in a distressed state.


Read the graphical summary of the Report here

Read our CEO, Andrew Balfour's blog on why there is a taboo amongst the public and how we need a fresh approach.

What do we want to achieve?

Our vision is: To ensure that effective relationship support is accessible to all. Because we know it helps.

The more we can spread the message that therapy works, the more people will feel comfortable to come and access help with their relationship that could transform their partnership or marriage.

Other key facts come out of our survey:

  • Seeing evidence of would persuade couples to come to seek help
  • The top 3 perceived benefits of Couple Therapy were; Help with Mental health, Improve Family life, Improve Children’s quality of life
  • Social media users were more aware of the link between couple relationship distress and mental health
  • There were regional differences in perceptions of seeking relationship help

We will be publishing an infographic of key findings here very shortly.

Report details:

  • 2,070 respondents from England, Scotland and Wales surveyed 29-30 June 2017
  • Cut by: age, social class, gender, marital status, region, parental status and social media usage
  • The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).
  • Five questions asked seeking to understand people’s inclination to seek couple counselling, as well as their reasons for doing so, and any barriers preventing them

Voices of therapy

Here is a selection of quotes from our clients about how we have helped them:


”We knew we were in trouble but spent six years pretending it was OK. The children and jobs brought it all to a head. We knew something had to change and it was not enough for each of us to want it, we had to want to tackle it together, we are glad we did. The children were anxious about us, our friends were anxious about us; it was only taking that big step together to see a relationship counsellor that has helped us understand all the strain we’ve been living with and how we can both make things better”.
Louise and Dennis, London

How can I access relationship help?

You can book an appointment to see us here, if you are in London
Or if you live outside of London, we offer Online Therapy.

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