• City Wellbeing Centre Counselling Services

We offer regular counselling services at the City Wellbeing Centre

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Our mission

Tavistock Relationships is a psychotherapy and counselling organisation established for over 70 years in the heart of London. Our mission for the City Wellbeing Centre is to provide greater access to emotional support and therapy services especially those that not easily available through the NHS.

Now offering face to face appointments in our Middlesex Street counselling centre 

A state of the art counselling centre in the heart of the City – seeing individuals of all backgrounds and incomes now, offering expert therapy for those struggling with: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Painful and complicated relationships with partners, wider family or at work
  • Sexual problems
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Life transitions – such as having a baby, changing careers, moving away, thinking about separating from a partner or retirement

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A Tour of City Wellbeing Centre

The City Wellbeing Centre is a counselling and psychotherapy centre for workers and residents in the City of London and neighbouring boroughs. 

Now offering fae to face counselling services are available to: 

Anyone who lives or works in the city or nearby  

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postcodes EC1 – EC4, and anyone who lives in the City of London, and in the London Boroughs of Camden, Islington, Tower Hamlets, Westminster, Hackney, Southwark and Lambeth. 

Common reasons people call us and start sessions with us

People come on their own and sometimes as couples, we work with individuals and with partners, same-sex and straight; we work with people from all of London’s diverse communities. 

Face to face counselling for the city and surrounding areas

The City Wellbeing Centre, Middlesex Street is there for face to face or online individual or couple counselling NOW.

Tavistock Relationships’ services and how we help

We know how important it is for people in distress to be able to talk freely and in confidence to someone who has been trained to listen and to offer support but no judgments.

We have worked with people who have needed our support for 70 years and have created a range of services to respond to people’s needs, whatever stage of the family life cycle they are in and whether they are on their own or in a couple. We have specialist services, to help parents adjust to parenting, for example, and we also offer help to couples where one person has a dementia diagnosis.

We meet with the person seeking help to work out with them what the trouble is and think with them what help they need and how we can offer it. We are not experts in everything and if we think someone else should offer the service and not us we refer people on, carefully.

So, it all starts with a conversation. Book here for an assessment of your needs.

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