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    Counselling Stories

Read some of our clients' stories

  • sad lesbian couple leaning against each other

    How investing in couples therapy at Tavistock Relationships changed our lives - Suzy and Rebecca’s Story

    Suzy and Rebecca's story about how couples therapy at Tavistock Relationships created a transformative turnaround in their relationship.
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    Karina and Peter’s Couples Therapy Story

    They wanted help because Karina had been feeling very down. She wondered if their relationship was worth anything because she was so fed up with the long hours that Peter was working.
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    Carol and Nina’s Story

    Carol had recently had a relationship with another woman and Nina wasn’t sure she could forgive her and resume their partnership. They came for an assessment session where the counsellor explored the issue with them. At this assessment it became clear that Carol was still seeing the other woman and that she too was unsure how to go forward.
  • sad woman looking over at angry male partner who is looking away from her

    Carrie and Shawn’s Story

    Carrie registered online for an appointment the morning after Shawn told her he was having an affair. She had been worried for some time that something was wrong and when she confronted him and said that she was fed up of him being so difficult and angry, he confessed he was seeing another woman.
  • worried small girl clinging to her mothers side while father looks across at them

    Grace and Pavel’s Story

    At that time they were separated but Pavel was angry and upset because he felt Grace was preventing him seeing their two-year-old daughter, Summer. Grace and Pavel had never lived together and had only known each other a few months when Grace fell pregnant. For the first year, Pavel came to see Summer most days, and had spent a lot of time supporting Grace both financially and emotionally.
  • woman talking to worried male partner who is resting is chin in his hands

    Jenny and Ahmet’s Story

    Jenny and Ahmet had been having a rough time since his mother had come to stay from Turkey. Ahmet’s father had died in February and his mother, feeling lonely and sad had asked if she could spend an extended holiday with them. She had been staying since April and while Jenny was keen to be supportive and caring, she was finding living with her mother-in-law very stressful.
  • mother looking down at her baby while cradling its head

    James, Becky and Sophie’s Story

    We first started to experience problems in our relationship a few months after our daughter Sophie was born. Things were blissful after her birth, but by the time she was nine months old we were at breaking point. Our relationship was in crisis and things became very ugly very quickly. There would be constant resentful arguments. We were so worried that this would affect Sophie's well-being.
  • a couple of parents with their children sitting on their shoulders on a sunny day

    Relationship Counselling: Theo and Marie’s Story

    Theo and Marie tell us about the challenges they have experienced after adopting, forming a new family, how it affected their relationship as a couple and how counselling from Tavistock Relationships could have helped them to adjust to family life.

    Our support services and research have proven success

    I felt I was going around in circles with my partner and now I feel like we are moving forward. I feel acknowledged and heard due to having another person with us during challenging discussions.

    I would like to thank Tavistock Relationships for helping us during a challenging time in our lives.  The quality therapy we have received from our counsellor has enabled us to grow and we have found the experience to be invaluable.


    felt that the therapy had improved their understanding of their partner


    felt that the therapy had improved their understanding of themselves


    of clients said that they would recommend our service to others

    Although my husband was at first reluctant to attend, he now recommends that all his friends should go!  Really, really pleased with the outcome.  I learned a lot about myself.

    Experience of Service questionnaire

    Feedback gathered from our Experience of Service questionnaire since 2013 shows that clients who come to us are pleased with the service they receive and that the majority of people find their relationship and wellbeing improves.

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