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Grace and Pavel

The issue

Separated parents Grace and Pavel asked for help with tensions over parenting their two year old daughter.

The process

Parents of a two year old – Summer - Pavel and Grace were angry with each other, but for different reasons. Pavel because he felt Grace was preventing him seeing their daughter, Grace because she was anxious about Summer getting to know Pavel’s new girlfriend Gina.

The parents had eight sessions of therapy, with two therapists present during the sessions, through TR’s Parenting Together service. Initially, both Pavel and Grace were very angry and upset; however the therapists encouraged them to focus more on Summer and her needs, and how their disagreements were affecting her.

The outcome

Gradually both parents came to appreciate each other’s point of view better. In time Grace was able to acknowledge that Pavel’s new relationship had felt like a threat, while Pavel managed to reassure Grace that he was still committed to supporting her and to being Summer’s father.

Both parents gained a lot from the eight sessions. When they ended, they were advised that they were welcome to return for further help in the future if they felt they needed it.

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