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James and Becky

The issue

James and Becky first started to experience problems in their relationship a few months after their daughter Sophie was born. While things were blissful after her birth, by the time she was nine months old the couple were at breaking point, with resentful arguments and angry outbursts becoming the norm.

The process

James and Becky contacted TR and were given a place on a group-based programme called Parents as Partners. The couple learnt that they would get to share their experiences and hear from other couples in similar situations.

Both James and Becky quickly came to experience the weekly group as a safe place where they could not only share with other couples the issues that were negatively affecting their relationship but also learn new tools which would help them deal better with the stresses and strains which new parenthood was putting on their relationship.

The outcome

Since starting the programme James and Becky now feel better able to address their problems and negotiate solutions in a peaceful way; they’ve also become much better at anticipating when to address issues.

One of the most useful things which the couple feel they have learned is the importance of confiding in each other and becoming allies rather than enemies. Recognising each other’s capabilities, accepting each other’s differences and expressing our needs in a positive way, has given them a new chance to enjoy the beauty of their son in a happy and healthy home.

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