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Divorce and Separation

middle aged couple in serious discussion

Divorce and Separation Consultation Service

For most couples, there’s a sad paradox when it comes to divorce and separation – just when you need to be able to communicate with one another better than ever before, you’ve often stopped speaking at all.

This can be because all the changes and tensions between ‘soon to be ex partners’ become so overwhelming and seemingly impossible to manage, that people often shut down. Couples in this situation may come to us struggling to find the belief or confidence of finding a way to speak or negotiate with one another about decisions that need to be made.

The service offers a focussed opportunity to think about your individual situation. The aim is to help both individuals and couples think about their current struggles with the overall aim of fostering development for all concerned.

How does it work

The Divorce and Separation Consultation Service offers an initial three consultations with a therapist to help partners work on their communication. It’s for individuals as well as couples. Sometimes one person will come to us for the first consultation, and then their partner will join for the next.

At the last of the three consultations, it may be agreed for a further set if the process is found to be supportive. It’s not a long-term therapy service, but one that helps people think about their lives and how they want to live them, making the best choices they can.

The service isn’t just for people who are clear they want to separate. It’s also for people who are uncertain about their future. The emotional support we give can also help people to find a way to co-habit if they can’t afford to separate, or to move into our general service if they want to find a way of bringing about change and stay together.

If people do want to separate or divorce, we can help them to become less defensive, opening up the space which is invaluable when making the decisions required around childcare and splitting finances. This makes the process of legal separation or divorce less expensive both financially and emotionally, preventing long, drawn out conflict and potentially having to resort to the family courts to resolve matters. Using the courts can take years and makes it much harder on everyone, especially the children.

Ahead of the first consultation we ask both partners to answer a series of questions on a form, which is completely confidential and is not shared between the couple. This allows us to find out what the main areas of concern are and how these issues are perceived by each partner.

How the Divorce and Separation Service Works

Dr Avi Shmueli explains how the Divorce and Separation Consultation Service works and what to expect.  

Key information

Who is this service for?

This service is open to couples or individuals, prior to, during or after separation or divorce.  The service is also open to those who are uncertain about whether they wish to separate. 

How much does it cost:

Fees for our Divorce and Separation Consultation Service range between £100 - £180 per session.  You will initially be offered a block of three sessions with one of our specially trained therapists.

For many people the three sessions initially offered are enough, others decide to have more, again offered in blocks of three. This is not a long-term therapy service but one that helps people think about their lives and how they want to live them, making the best choices they can.  

How to book an appointment

To book a consultation appointment in this service, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on 020 7380 1960.