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    Family Life and Parenting

    We help couples and families with a range of services

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Our help for families

At Tavistock Relationships we recognise the importance of parental relationships for the functioning and wellbeing of couple and family life.

We therefore offer a range of parenting services designed to strengthen your co-parental relationship and support your children’s mental health, development and wellbeing.

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Parenting - Consultation Service

A relationship focused approach

Parents often benefit from a safe and confidential space away from their children to make sense of these stresses.

This is a specialised service designed for parents. One of our experienced and specially trained therapists will offer a safe space to reflect on the impact of parenting on your couple relationship, working towards a better understanding of your relationship with each other and your children.


   Please note most services have a minumum fee or deposit. Find out more about our fees in general.

  Enquire about support for your relationship and family

    If you want experienced support with issues surrounding your relationship and family, the first place to start is by making an enquiry to our client team. 

Other parenting services 

As well as the Parenting Consultation Service we offfer a range of oprions below to help with parenting and relationships, depending on your situation.

Get in touch with us using the enquiry form at the bottom of this page to find the support you need.

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Parenting Together

A service for parents, whether living together, separated, divorced, following civil partnership dissolution, or in blended families, who are having difficulty parenting their children co-operatively and are in conflict over parenting issues.

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Adopting Together

A specialist service designed to support adoptive parents who would benefit from exploring the effects of adoption on their own couple relationship.

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Building Relationships for Stronger Families

Offers parents support to address conflict within relationships, along with strengthening parenting skills to help bring up children.


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Parents as Partners

Supports parents in strengthening their relationship with each other, so you they more able to face life's ups and downs.

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Parent and Infant Support

Professional therapy for issues relating to birth trauma and/or post-natal depression, support for those establishing themselves as parents.

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Children in Need

This mentalisation-based couple therapy for separated parents aims to help parents think about the possible impact of their conflict in court on their children – and the impact of their conflict on their parenting. 

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Stories and advice  

Our site is full of articles, videos and stories that may resonate with you. 

View our blogs and resources page.

The story below gives an idea of the type of dilemmas we see and how we support parents that come to us

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Practitioner guides for professionals

We have a wide range of free papers, practice guides and other free imformation for professionals working with couples, families or children.

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