Frequently-asked questions

Do I have to do anything before I attend?

No, you don’t, although you might find it useful to think about your situation and how you want counselling or psychotherapy to help.

What is your fee structure?

Tavistock Relationships is a charity, aiming to provide therapeutic help for people whatever their income.

Can I bring my children?

We see couples and individuals and although you may discuss your children and parenting issues in the sessions, we do not see you with your children in the therapy.

Do clinicians have special training?

Yes. Tavistock Relationships is a centre of excellence for accredited training and research in couple relationships.

What happens after our initial consultation?

Following your initial appointment we will carefully consider the most suitable way forward for you.  If this is in our counselling, psychotherapy or psychosexual services we will look for an appropriate appointment for you for regular weekly sessions.  If we think that other organisations would be better placed to help you, we will signpost you in their direction.

What do you do with my data? (Privacy Policy)

Tavistock Relationships Couples Therapy Service Privacy Policy.

We have a regularly monitored and updated privacy policy, which you can read in full here

Are our services confidential?

Yes.  Tavistock Relationships' therapists adhere to our professional code of ethical standards which includes the principle of confidentiality. 

Who can I address comments, feedback, and complaints to?

We are keen to hear your views on our service so we can continue to offer the best possible support. If you are unhappy with the therapy you are receiving or with any other aspect of your contact with Tavistock Relationships, then please giving an outline of the difficulty and we shall be in touch to discuss further. contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why do I need to pay for missed appointments?

It may feel difficult to pay for a session that you are not able to use. This is however important as the therapeutic process requires a regular commitment that you can rely upon over time.

What if I can't afford a deposit or fees?

As a charity, we operate a low fee/no fee service in order to help those facing financial difficulties.

While we are unable to offer unlimited access at a low fee rate, we do aim to help as many couples and individuals as we can.


We value representation from couples and individuals who have finished their therapy on our Service Users’ Group. This group provides invaluable help to us in developing our services and policies.

Does couple therapy help?

The short answer is that in the right hands relationship therapy is very likely to help, does help and can actually change lives. This is both within a relationship and in terms of individual growth. 

What is unique about Tavistock Relationships’ counselling & psychotherapy services?

Tavistock Relationships offers counselling and therapy services to couples, individuals and parents. It is probably one of the largest psychotherapy providers in London. 

Do I need the psychosexual service?

During the initial consultation, we think with you about the sort of help that would be most effective at that point. 

Many people find that sexual problems occur at the same time as other challenges in their relationship and on occasion, while there is a a sexual problem present, it may be helped by therapy in our general service.

If the psychosexual service is indicated, then part of the therapy would also be addressing relationship issues alongside working specifically to improve your sex life.  We find that this is the most effective way to work with couples experiencing sexual difficulties.

How do I tell my partner?

Talking to your partner is the first step to getting some help and for some people it can be the most difficult part of the whole process! Many couples suffer in silence, feeling unhappy and despairing but unable to find words to talk about the problems.

Can I come on my own?

Yes. Of course you can. We see lots of people on their own and sometimes it's because their partner doesn't wish to attend. On the other hand, it is a lot easier to sort out relationship problems if you both come, so we will encourage you to encourage them.

We also have a service for individuals who may not be in a relationship, or who want therapy that helps with something only concerning themselves. You can read more here.

Help for LGBT people?

Yes, absolutely. Tavistock Relationships regularly works with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples and individuals.  We have a range of user-friendly services that can help address the issues that frequently affect the LGBT communities.

I want to stop coming to therapy

If you decide you want to stop your sessions, or are unhappy with the therapy you are receiving, we would encourage you to talk through your concerns with your therapist in the first instance.

How often will I have to attend?

After the initial consultation, if we think we can offer you the help you need, you will be offered a regular weekly appointment at the same time and day each week.

What languages do you offer?

Please enquire if you need access to therapy in another language as we are sometimes able to offer this.

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