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Frequently-asked questions

How do I tell my partner?

Talking to your partner is the first step to getting some help and for some people it can be the most difficult part of the whole process! Many couples suffer in silence, feeling unhappy and despairing but unable to find words to talk about the problems.

Some people feel that asking your partner to go to counselling is tantamount to asking for a separation, but that just isn't true. Couples come to Tavistock Relationships every day and improve and strengthen their relationship. Nobody can tell you how to talk to your partner because each person has a different relationship, but if you find you really can't open up the conversation, sometimes coming to see us on your own first can help the whole process along.

>Whether you decide to tell family or friends is up to you. Some people feel shy of doing so but you'd be surprised how many people will admire your decision to sort out your issues. Sometimes it can be tricky to ask for time off work, though some workplaces are very understanding about giving a long lunch hour to come for your appointment. Tavistock Relationships understands this which is why we offer sessions from 8.30am to 9.30pm Monday – Friday.

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