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What is our fee structure?

Tavistock Relationships has been an international centre of excellence for nearly 75 years. 

Fees for our relationship counselling and psychotherapy services range between £50- £180.  

Initial Consultation Appointments

In all our services, the first appointment is an initial consultation which is an in-depth assessment of your needs. Clients find the initial consultation beneficial, even when they do not continue with ongoing therapy.

Ongoing therapy sessions will usually take place weekly (50 minutes).

We work with couples and individuals. The fees outlined below are charged on a per session basis. If you are attending as a couple, you will be invoiced jointly.

Direct Booking Service

Session fees £150-£180

Make an appointment to see one of our experienced therapists who will be able to continue seeing you at the time that you book, if you proceed to have ongoing therapy.

As well as seeing one of our highly trained therapists, the fee you pay will help to support our low-fee services, enabling us to work with people who would otherwise be unable to get the help that they need.

Read more about our relationship therapists

Daytime (off peak): £150 per session

Evenings 5.30pm onwards and weekends (peak time): £180 per session

This service is available for both UK and international residents (some geographical restrictions may apply).

Our Direct Booking Site  

Main Clinical Service: PAY WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD (UK clients)

Session fees range from £50-£180

This service is for UK residents. Book a one-off initial consultation appointment with one of our trained therapists. If ongoing therapy is indicated, agree a fee from our sliding scale that feels managable for you. 

Following your consultation appointment you will be allocated to an a therapist for ongoing weekly therapy. 

As a charity, we aim to make psychotherapy financially accessible for those who would otherwise be unable to get the help needed.  We don't receive any government funding to provide subsidised help.  We fund this through our sliding scale of fees. This means that people on higher incomes are asked to pay higher, but manageable, fees - so that we can afford to help people on lower incomes.

Our service is supported by our therapists undertaking advanced training, who provide therapy as part of their postgraduate professional development. This helps us make high quality therapy financially accessible.  

Standard Rate Consultation Appointment: £100

Reduced Rate Consultation Apointment: £50

Ongoing Session fees range from £50- £180

Our Main Clinical Service Booking Site

Accessing therapy where cost is a barrier

£ Low Cost Options

As part of our commitment to helping people access affordable therapy, we offer subsidised help to a limited number of people, who otherwise would not be able to access support. 

Reduced rate consultation appointments are available in our Main Clinical Service at a session fee of £50.

If this still feels unmanageable, you can click here to enquire about our low fee services


Initial Consultation Appointments

If your schedule changes and you are unable to attend your booked initial consultation appointment, please provide us with seven days' notice and we can transfer your booking to a new appointment. Our Appointments Team are available on 020 7380 1960 and can help you re-book your appointment.

Ongoing Therapy Appointments

Because your therapy is a regular weekly session which is reserved just for you, we will charge you if you miss or cancel a session. If the therapist cancels a session for any reason, you will not be charged.

The therapist will give you advance notice of any upcoming breaks or holidays they are taking, which for the most part you should expect will be at Christmas, Easter and during the summer period.

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