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    Sex and Relationships

    If you are experiencing problems or difficulties in your sexual relationship,
    our psychosexual therapists are here to help

"My partner and I have noticed the positive effect on our relationship even after a month of sessions."

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Helping couples and individuals with sexual difficulties

At Tavistock Relationships, we have over thirty years' experience in treating couples and individuals for sexual problems.

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Psychosexual therapy

Getting expert advice with intimacy can be a vital part of helping your relationship.

It can help in three main areas:

1. Specific sexual worries such as:

  • low libido
  • erectile difficulties
  • pain on penetration
  • premature ejaculation
  • compulsive use of internet sex
  • sexual identity

2. Problems in sexual communication:

  • imbalances in sexual desire
  • painful sex
  • unsatisfactory sex
  • inability to talk together about sexual preferences

3. General relationship difficulties including sex

We have experience in working with heterosexual and LBTQ+ couples and individuals.

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Our psychosexual therapy expertise

Our psychosexual therapists are professionally qualified individual and couple relationship therapists who have undergone an additional COSRT accredited training in psychosexual therapy.

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How psychosexual therapy helps

Sex and sexual problems can be difficult to talk about.

Here we address some key questions.

Find out:

  • what psychosexual therapy is and how it works on an emotional and psychological level
  • what the most common sexual problems are
  • why it is so important to seek help
  • what happens in therapy for sex and relationships.

Read about how we can help you

Success stories

Both initial assessment and regular sessions have helped me develop insight into my interactions with my partner, and be more aware of the complexities of our relationship and issues we bring to our relationship.

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