How we work with sexual problems

Psychosexual therapy can help you work on specific sexual difficulties to resolve them and so improve sexual intimacy in your relationship.

What is psychosexual therapy?

Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy aimed at helping couples and individuals talk about their lives, their sexual issues and preferences in order to resolve specific sexual problems.  Some people refer to this as sex therapy. 

What are most common sexual problems?

These are some examples, but they are NOT the only ones.

1. Specific sexual issues such as low libido, erectile difficulties, painful sex, sexual identity.

2. Difficulties in talking about sex where there are, for example, apparently incompatible sexual preferences, physical changes after childbirth, menopause, illness or old age, a history of sexual trauma.

3. General relationship difficulties where sex has become another area for disagreement or hostility

Why is it so important to seek help?

Sexual difficulties are a source of anxiety in relationships that can have a negative effect on how you relate to each other emotionally too if left untreated.. It may become difficult even to hug each other. at times.  Sex can be a very emotive topic, and it may feel hard to broach it without leading to blame or shame, which can further undermine closeness in tyour relationship.

What happens in therapy for sex and relationships?

The couple and individual build up a relationship with their therapist where they feel free to talk about sex freely.  As so many of us learn about sex from film and internet, the therapist may first of all have to debunk some myths about desire and sexual pleasure that and allow the couple or individual to think more about what might work for them. Sometimes work is given to complete at home, in the form of specific exercises or tasks, reading or mindfulness. 

Psychosexual therapy works

We have good outcomes from psychosexual therapy, in terms of sexual difficulties often being resolved uring the course of the work with our skilled practitioners. 

When the sexual issue is resolved, this has a very beneficial effect on the relationship overall. 

We offer help to couples and individuals with sexual problems. To find out more read here

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