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Why choose Tavistock Relationships?

Our counselling and psychotherapy works

Our couple relationship counselling success stories and unique evidence show couples therapy is effective.

We have completed the largest ever published naturalistic study of couple therapy, which provides extensive evidence of the effectiveness of our approach to helping couples.

Below you can also view the testimonies of those we have supported. 

Evidence of success


felt that the therapy had improved their understanding of their partner


change to recovery rate


of clients said that they would recommend our service to others

Does couple therapy help?

Watch a short video discussing the effectiveness of couple therapy at Tavistock Relationships.

Figures presented were drawn from client feedback questionnaire data as well as our large scale naturalistic study.

Success Stories

I would like to thank Tavistock Relationships for helping us during a challenging time. The quality therapy we have received from our counsellor has enabled us to grow and we have found the experience to be invaluable. I am so grateful to our therapist.

We are so much more positive about our future! Thank you.

Outcomes study - we increase relationship satisfaction

We have completed the largest ever published naturalistic study of couple therapy (a piece of research evaluating our therapy). This provides good evidence of the effectiveness of our approach to helping couples.  Overall, clients who come to see us show significant increases their relationship satisfaction and distinct decreases in their psychological distress as the therapy progresses. These outcomes are assessed using questionnaires, known as psychometric measures, which are scientifically robust. 

Voices from couples therapy

To provide the very best service, not only do we evaluate our therapy through using well validated psychometric measures but we also invite feedback from clients about their experience of different aspects of the service they have received. Here are some examples of what our clients say.

Expertly trained counsellors and psychotherapists

We provide world class training to our group of over 100 therapists.

Because we provide training and supervision to our therapists, and have a long-standing reputation as a centre of excellence, you can be sure you get the best of expert help at Tavistock Relationships.

You can see our staff credentials and profiles in our therapists section.

montage of a group of Tavistock Relationships therapists