Does couple therapy help?

The short answer is that in the right hands' relationship therapy is very likely to help, does help and can actually change lives. This is both within a relationship, and in terms of individual growth. We base this on two sources of evidence. Firstly, in looking at the experience of service data from hundreds of individuals and couples at 6 weeks of coming here, and the end of sessions. The results show high satisfaction rate, with 90% of our users rating the sessions as helpful. The vast majority also said that the sessions helped them understand themselves, their partner and the relationship with their children.

Another powerful source of information is what our research and objective measures tell us about how effective therapy is here. We measure well-being, mental health symptoms, and relationship satisfaction throughout the therapy, using reliable and validated measures. Indeed our standard couple therapy service is amongst the best ever studied. The research team has recently published the outcome of the largest naturalistic study in couple therapy ever published. The results show convincingly that our model, as delivered by therapists that were trained here, is indeed effective as a treatment for relationship distress and for individual distress also.

We can therefore be quite confident in saying that coming here tends to helpful.