Do I have to do anything before I come?

No, you don’t, although you might find it useful to think about your situation and how you want counselling or psychotherapy to help. What has led you to seek help? What are the things you wish to change? Are there issues in your relationship currently or from the past that you want to understand, or repeating patterns in your relationships that are causing you problems? These sorts of questions will be explored with you at your first appointment.

Fee Structure

Tavistock Relationships is a charity, aiming to provide therapeutic help for people whatever their income.  There is no minimum fee for our services, though there is a maximum fee of £180 for ongoing sessions.  Your fee will be discussed with you by the therapist at your initial appointment.  Our intention is to work out a fee which takes into account your capacity to pay and your wider circumstances.  We suggest as a starting point for thinking about this, a calculation of £2 per £1000 of shared gross income – so, for example, a couple who together earn £40 000 would pay approximately £80 per week.  However, this is only a guide and financial constraints should not stop you from accessing our services.

We will usually ask you to pay a higher fee for your initial appointment than the fee you agree for your ongoing sessions, reflecting the longer time we spend at this point in order to make sure you get the help that you need.  There is no minimum fee for this initial appointment and the maximum fee is £200.

Can I bring my child?

We see couples and individuals and although you may discuss your children and parenting issues in the sessions, we do not see you with your children in the therapy.  We understand that it may be difficult for parents to arrange childcare, but we want to create a space where you and your partner can speak to each other freely, and so bringing your child into your appointment with you is not possible.

Tavistock Relationships does not have crèche facilities, and it is not possible to leave children in our waiting area whilst you have your appointment. 

Do Tavistock Relationships counsellors and psychotherapists have special training?

Yes. Tavistock Relationships is a centre of excellence for accredited training and research in couple relationships.  Our counsellors and psychotherapists bring a wealth of clinical experience from a variety of related settings including social work and clinical psychology, and many have experience in working with individuals as well as couples. Our clinicians undertake a very rigorous training, with substantial further supervised practice. This represents the highest standards of professional training in counselling and psychotherapy with couples, in the UK and beyond. As part of our commitment to professional development you may be seen by a trainee psychotherapist or counsellor working under specialist supervision.

What happens after our Initial Appointment? 

Following your initial appointment we will carefully consider the most suitable way forward for you.  If this is in our counselling, psychotherapy or psychosexual services we will look for an appropriate appointment for you for regular weekly sessions.  There may be a wait until a suitable vacancy can be offered, particularly if your times are limited.  Once an appointment is offered it will be for the same time each week with the same therapist.  It is rarely possible to move the time or day of the session once you start and any sessions you have to cancel or miss need to be paid for at your agreed fee.


We value representation from couples and individuals who have finished their therapy on our Service Users’ Group.  This group provides invaluable help to us in developing our services and policies.  If you are interested in contributing in this way, please either complete the relevant box in the questionnaire which we will send you when you finish your therapy, or let us know by contacting the Appointments Team.

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