Why do I need to pay for missed appointments?

It may feel difficult to pay for a session that you are not able to use. This is however important as the therapeutic process requires a regular commitment that you can rely upon over time. In order to provide such a reliable framework we offer all your appointments on a weekly basis at the same time on the same day each week. This means that we reserve a weekly slot with a dedicated therapist and consulting room just for you. When you cancel a session, this slot cannot be offered to anyone else. In this sense, it is a bit like renting a room, in so far as it is your time with your therapist, and cannot be made available for any other client.

Of course, if due to unexpected illness or planned holidays, your therapist is not able to be there, we will not charge you for those times.

We do try our best to set your fees at a level that you can realistically afford and budget for on a weekly basis. If you would like to know more about our sliding scale approach, please see a fuller explanation in the ‘Fee Structure’ section of this document.