Help for LGBT people?

Yes, absolutely.

Tavistock Relationships regularly works with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples and individuals. We have a range of user-friendly services that can help address the issues that frequently affect the LGBT communities.

Couples and individuals can access our counselling and psychotherapy services, where they can think through their relationships and address the difficulties with the help of an experienced therapist.

Tavistock Relationships also offers a psychosexual therapy service for LGBT individuals and couples who are experiencing a sexual problem or difficulties in their sexual relationship.

In terms of relationships with the whole family, LGBT couples and individuals can also access our Parenting Together service where they can think about the way they get along together as co-parents and as a family in general.

And for those times when you might be thinking about separating or reuniting after a separation, Tavistock Relationships' Divorce and Separation Consultation Service can help LGBT couples and individuals to work through their difficulties and reach a place where it is possible to move on, together or apart.