Mentalization-Based Therapy for Couples (MBT-CT)

Couple therapy session in Bristol

A specialist form of therapy to help couples who find themselves arguing heavily.  

Mentalization-Based Therapy for Couples (MBT-CT)

Mentalization-Based Therapy for Couples is a form of psychotherapy for those who find that their arguments can get particularly heated and stormy.  It can also be a therapeutic intervention for couples where one or both partners find themselves withdrawing from the relationship in sometimes cold and rejecting ways.

MBT-CT can help couples to understand their emotional responses to situations better, and help with ‘reading’ the partner’s response to them, by specifically focusing on understanding the partner’s feelings and reactions, as well as their own. This can help couples become more aware of how they affect each other and also how their relationship may affect people around them.

The therapy is time-limited (up to 20 sessions).  We aim to make therapy affordable and accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances and therefore we operate a sliding scale of fees for this service ranging from £70 - £180 per session.

To access this service, please book an initial consultation and discuss with the therapist during the consultation.