Online Affairs: Website credits

Website development and funding

This website was developed and designed as part of the Kick- starting Impact Award Project ‘Internet infidelity: creating partnerships’. In this project academics from the Open University (OU) and from Oxford University worked together with Tavistock Relationships (TR) to develop a programme of knowledge exchange activities on the subject of internet infidelity, its impact on couples and families and the counselling and therapy techniques used with couples affected by it. For more information on the project see here.

The project was funded in 2016/2017 by the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) awarded to University of Oxford by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). For more information on the Impact Acceleration Account see here.

Website authors and editor

Website ideas and content were discussed with representatives of the Relationships Alliance organisations in the UK - Relate, Marriage Care, OnePlusOne, Tavistock Relationships - and the Asian Family Counselling Service. The website texts were written by an author team of academics and practitioners including

- Marian O’Connor (Tavistock Relationships)
- Janice Hiller (Tavistock Relationships)
- Yessica Apolo (Marriage Care)
- Dr Bernie Hogan (Oxford University)
- Dr Naomi Moller (The Open University)
- Dr Andreas Vossler (The Open University)

The website texts were edited by Charlie Jackson (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

Website design

The website was designed and produced by Dan Atrill from DJA Online Services Limited, in consultation with John Fenna (Tavistock Relationships).