Therapy Effectiveness

Couple Counselling Success Stories and Evidence that Shows Couple Therapy Works.

We have completed the largest ever published naturalistic study of couple therapy (a piece of research evaluating our therapy). This provides good evidence of the effectiveness of our approach to helping couples. Overall, clients who come to see us show significant increases their relationship satisfaction and distinct decreases in their psychological distress as the therapy progresses. These outcomes are assessed using questionnaires, known as psychometric measures, which are scientifically robust. Here our Director of Clinical Services, Limor Abramov, talks about the services we provide, the value of our consultations and the evidence that shows how effective our model of couple therapy is.



Dedicated to Providing High-Quality Therapy

To provide the very best service we can to our clients, we not only evaluate our therapy through using well validated psychometric questionnaire measures but we ask clients about their experience of different aspects of the service they have received. Here are some examples of what our clients say: 


Our Results

Seeing more people: This year we held 17,445 sessions of counselling or therapy helping over 3,500 people. That number represents an increase of over 14% since the end of 2014, meaning we have expanded to meet demand for our work as more couples come forward to benefit from our services. Feedback shows that a large number of clients find our therapy a positive experience that helps them in some way to better understand themselves, their partners and their children. 

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Online Therapy

Online therapy Logo 260wFor couples outside London, we are able to offer secure and effective online therapy services via the webcam on your laptop or tablet/iPad. If you have any questions or want to talk to us about this service, please visit our Online Therapy page or call us on 020 7380 1960



Our Methods of Assessing our Effectiveness

Clients' level of psychological distress is monitored using the Clinical Outcomes in Routine Evaluation Outcome Measure (CORE-OM)1.Clients' relationship satisfaction is measured using the Couple Satisfaction Index (CSI)2. [1] barkham, m., mellor-clark, j., connell, j. ; cahill, j. (2006). A core approach to practice-based evidence: a brief history of the origins and applications of the core-om and core system. Counselling and psychotherapy research, 6(1), 3-15.[2] funk, j. ; rogge, r., 2007. Testing the ruler with item response theory: increasing precision of measurement for relationship satisfaction with the couples satisfaction index. Journal of family psychology, 21, 572-583.

Carrie & Shawn’s Story

Carrie registered online for an appointment the morning after Shawn told her he was having an affair. She had been worried for some time that something was wrong and when she confronted him and said that she was fed up of him being so difficult and angry, he confessed he was seeing another woman.

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