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Building Relationships for Stronger Families’ programme is a free programme to help parents and children. If you have noticed a change in family circumstances during lock down and there is potential stress and conflict between parents whether they are together or separated you can refer parents yourself or ask parents to contact us through our website. The page for parents is here.

We are able to support residents and those who access services in the following London boroughs:

Kensington & Chelsea
Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham

Why this serivce and how can it help?

We have noticed a rise in enquiries from couples and families, experiencing family and relationship challenges surrounding lockdown. This is likely to be evident in the classroom, and now concerned teachers and school staff can signpost or refer directly.

Evidence shows that frequent unresolved conflict between parents has a damaging effect on family life and specifically children, this programme offers parents, with children up to 18, free support via a helpful course of support selected to suit their circumstances to address conflict within their relationship as well as strengthening parenting skills.

It is delivered by expert family practitioners – you can learn about it here:


 Referrals - there are two referral options:

Because the programme is focussed on working with the parents (together or separated) for the benefit of the family and child, there are two ways those working in education can communicate it:

1) Pass on leaflet

Adults can self-refer – this leaflet can be printed and passed on – a simple pdf is here, or can be sent to the referral page on our website

2) Professional referral. Teachers can make a referral for individuals or couples

This can be made via the forms here

What couples say about Building Relationships for Stronger Families:

"It helped me discuss and work on improving my relationship with my kids.

“I strongly recommend people to learn new skills and I feel there is hope for the future”.

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