Parenting - Disability

Couple drawing with child on the floor

Relationship Support for Parents of Children with Disability

Having a child with a disability can be stressful and traumatic for both parents and siblings. Understanding and caring for a child with a disability is a complicated task for parents on many levels. This includes the need to digest the diagnosis itself, practical demands of arranging and attending appointments, the emotional strain of living with the unknown, concerns about the future and day to day struggles. The inevitable fluctuations in the child’s condition can bring an emotional rollercoaster of feelings, hopes, expectations, disappointment, despair, back to optimism and so on.  While each of the parents in the process may respond differently to this strain, it is paramount that the relationship between the parents is thought about and taken care of in this context.

This service is aimed at opening a space for parents, whether together or on their own, to talk and think about their situation, feelings and relationships.  

We offer an initial consultation followed by weekly sessions.  We aim to make therapy affordable and accessible to all, regardless of their circumstances and therefore we operate a sliding scale of fees for this service ranging from £70 - £180 per session.

Book below, or you can also ring us to find out more if you wish – 0207 380 1960 or email

There is also an option to attend a group for parents of children with special needs – free of charge. For more info contact: