Building Relationships for Stronger Families - Professional Referrals

Building Relationships for Stronger Families - Information for Referrers.

We are offering parental and relationship support in areas of London and the northern home counties, assisted by partnering local authorities and the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). 

To refer a couple use the materials below at the foot of the page.

About the programme

The ‘Building Relationships for Stronger Families’ programme has been designed to help parents that feel that stress and conflict in relationship that is affecting relationships and family.

The programme offers parents support appropriate to circumstance, in order  to address conflict within relationships, along with strengthening parenting skills to help bring up children.

Our skilled workers offer one to one or group sessions encouraging discussion around the modern struggles that parents and couples face.

During the programme, you will work on your relationship, whether you are together or separate, and find ways to manage stresses and disagreements, exploring patterns of behaviour and tools and techniques to improve your parenting skills and help your family succeed.

Case Study

emma brsf

"I absolutely loved supporting the parents think about better ways to cope with emotions, such as when they focused on their breathing technique and did some mindfulness exercises.”

Read about Emma's work helping parents and familes here.

Our Family Workers Talk about The Programme - Video

Learn more about the hep available from two of our practitioners here:

Professional Referrals

Please note: this service is only available to residents of the London boroughs and Hertfordshire hub.

London referral areas: Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea, Camden, Hammersmith & Fulham, Croydon, Brent and Lambeth.

Hertfordshire referral areas:  Buckinghamshire CC, Cambridgeshire CC, Essex CC, Hertfordshire CC, Peterborough CC and Southend CC

For London referrals 'Phone:020 7641 3523 Email:

For Hertfordshire: 'Phone:01992 555172 Email:

Referral Materials:


This must be completed in the case of ALL referrals

To refer separated parents, use the separated parents form here

To refer separated parents where one party is expecting a child, use the expecting separated parents form here

To refer parents who are together (intact), use the form here

To refer to parents who are together and expecting, use the form here.