Relationship focused group therapy

Offering individual therapy in groups


How group based relationship therapy helps

We are open to help individuals, couples and families online - we can offer groups via Zoom, enquire by email:

Tavistock Relationships is offering spaces in an established therapeutic group for those who would like to develop a deeper understanding of their relationship patterns.

Whether you are currently in a relationship, have gone through a recent break- up, or simply would like to understand more about your important relationships, group therapy can support you in working through these issues. Our relationship-focused therapy group can address newly emerging or entrenched difficulties in achieving intimate adult relationships and is a powerful, long-established and highly effective way to bring about meaningful insight with a potential to change.

Group sessions can be particularly helpful for those who would like to develop a deeper understanding of what might have gone wrong following a break-up of a recent relationship, or trying to make sense of things in the aftermath of separation or divorce. The group will also support you in exploring recurring troubling relationship patterns and can address difficulties in achieving or maintaining intimate adult relationships.

In group therapy up to eight people meet weekly together with a highly trained specialised therapist. The group meets at the same time each week for 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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How to join?

Initially the group therapist will meet with you individually so they can get to know you, and think with you whether group therapy is indeed the way forward. If group therapy is offered then you may have to wait for a place to become available,

We aim to make group therapy as accessible as possible to our clients and the fees are currently set at £35 per person per group.

If you would like to hear more about group therapy please contact our appointments team by email: or by telephone: 0207 380 1960


"I think it allowed my partner and I to see each other's perspective a little better." 

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