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    Couple Therapy for Depression

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What it is

Couple Therapy for Depression (CTfD) is an integrative, NICE approved, evidence-based treatment of up to 20 sessions of couple therapy designed to treat depression in individuals within their couple relationship, using the relationship as a key resource for recovery. It is one of the high intensity therapies offered in NHS IAPT Services.

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The Couple Relationship and Depression

Exploring the Couple Relationship as Causal Factor and Dynamic Resource

A live webinar with Velia Carruthers, Ann Hardy, Dr David Hewison, Melanie Shepherd and Kate Thompson.

Saturday 19 November 2022.

Understanding couple therapy for depression

This therapy is designed to treat mild to moderate depression in people who have a regular partner, where the relationship may contribute to the development or maintenance of depressive feelings. Sessions are delivered through a local Mental Health Service - typically, IAPT - and both members of the couple are encouraged to attend.

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