Psychosexual Service

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Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender, if you are experiencing problems or difficulties in your sexual relationship, our psychosexual therapists can help you resolve them. This service is often referred to as sex therapy, however what we offer is a slightly different.

The following are some of the problems we address:

breakdown in a couple's sexual relationship
loss of sexual desire
painful intercourse
difficulties with orgasm
arousal disorders
erectile dysfunction
premature or delayed ejaculation

How psychosexual therapy works

We can see you at either one of our two central London centres. You may decide to come with a partner or on your own.

Once you've booked an initial appointment, you will be seen by an experienced therapist, with further training in psychosexual therapy who will initially discuss your difficulties with you and how best to proceed.

Psychosexual therapy treats the causes as well as the symptoms. In weekly sessions you will have the opportunity to explore why a problem may have arisen and, where appropriate, your psychosexual therapist may offer a specific treatment programme to help you overcome the difficulties you are having.

Our service helps both men and women of all ages and sexual orientations

How can psychosexual therapy help?

People gain a range of benefits from psychosexual therapy depending on their needs and the difficulties they bring. Talking about sexual problems can seem daunting, and most people feel really relieved to discuss the problems that may have been bothering them for some time and this, in itself, can have very beneficial effects on your sex life. For other people a structured programme of help can resolve problems with painful intercourse, difficulties with orgasm, arousal disorders, erectile dysfunction and premature or delayed ejaculation

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There's more to secual intimacy than sexual intercourse

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