What is it like to take the first step in couple and individual counselling training?


Ali Ajam, student at on the Introductory course at Tavistock Relationships 2017

How did you come to consider Counselling training?

When it came to counselling training, I was not entirely sure if I wanted to study couples or individuals. I did some research and I found the Tavistock Relationships Introduction to Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy course. I thought that this was a good study option for me on my way to becoming a counsellor, as it covered both couple and individual theory, allowing me to go on to train in either. 

Why did you choose Tavistock Relationships for the Introductory course?

As well as the flexibility of therapy training, it was the reputation of Tavistock Relationships when it comes to couple therapy work and training that convinced me. Also, a key factor was that the course was in a convenient location in central London.

Why the interest in the couple?

I think relationships are the most important element of people’s lives. In particular when you look at the couple and all the dynamics going on between two people, that is really interesting.

I was fascinated by how the course looks at the unconscious decisions made in the back of our minds and a really major one is why we choose the partners we do. Another element of the course is gaining a good deal more self-awareness.

How would you briefly describe the training?

The course helps you understand the psychodynamic theory and there are interesting reading assignments and practical activities like role plays. These are critical as they give you an understanding of what it is like to be a counsellor.

The course also acts as the first step, a foundation, getting you ready for future study that leads to qualification as a counsellor or therapist. I find the couple work most interesting element, but your focus is flexible. 

Would you recommend the Introduction to Couple Counselling & Psychotherapy?

I would fully recommend this course to anyone who is interested in self-awareness or a new career in counselling or psychotherapy. The quality of the materials and teaching is excellent, and the staff are friendly and supportive.

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