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Why train to be a therapist?

Tavistock Relationships is seeing an increase in students turning their backs on their first careers and retraining as counsellors. But why do people want to become a counsellor?

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Tavistock Relationships provides more than 20,000 therapy sessions to individuals and couples every year, online and in person. The charity is a leading authority on couple psychotherapy, undertaking research and providing training, as well delivering programmes to support couples and families in crisis – including the Government’s Reducing Parental Conflict programme. Tavistock Relationships also trains NHS practitioners in the NICE-recommended talking therapy Couple Therapy for Depression.

Counselling is a rewarding career, it is flexible with a good income.

Many are leaving careers in the media, business and law to retrain as counsellors. Factors such as starting a family and redundancy are often also part of the picture, with counselling offering a good, reliable income and flexible hours that fit around family life.

Tavistock Relationships is also seeing an increase in people travelling to its London training centre and clinic from different areas of the country, facilitated by a first-year programme that takes place over two evenings as well as over a single afternoon and evening.

Working as a therapist is an attractive option, as it allows you to help other people with their relationships, which is hugely rewarding. The work is varied and interesting, and can carry on in private practice well past the normal retirement age.

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My Journey to a Rewarding Career as a Couple Therapist

“It’s a privilege to work in a field where it feels like you can make a difference to an important aspect of people’s lives.”

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