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Commission Us - Reducing Parental Conflict

Reducing Parental Conflict Programmes

Programmes for local authorities that can be funded using money from the DWP Workforce Development Grant

We offer training and consultancy for local authority and other staff who work with families to help them deliver specialist, evidence-based interventions to reduce parental conflict.

Partner with us to deliver:

  • A range of evidence-based training solutions and tools to support your services help parents in conflict
  • Bespoke and pre-packed workforce development trainings and toolkits
  • Clinical supervision, consulting services and evaluation
  • Digital resources like apps and tools to help reduce conflict between parents

This work is designed to be delivered using the Workforce Development Grant from the DWP. Email our programme lead Sarah Ingram toThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now.

Watch programme lead Sarah Ingram outline our programmes aimed at Reducing Parental Conflict:

Information Pack

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Download our brochure and learn about our Reducing Parental Conflict programme.

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Contact Sarah Ingram,
Deputy Director, Strategy and Development.

Contact William Walker,
Head of RPC Programmes and Development.


Our full Reducing Parental Conflict offer

Each option below contains a programme description, videos and prices. A pdf download is available upon clicking each one:

Introduction to Reducing Parental Conflict

Tavistock Relationships Workforce Development for Local Authorities and Associated Staff to Reduce Parental Conflict

training group of people sat on chairs in a circle


Workforce Development for Local Authorities and Associated Staff to Reduce Parental Conflict

Evidence Based Interventions

Specialist Training in Mentalisation-based Therapy


Digital approaches to reducing parental conflict

App and web tool to help parents improve communication and reduce conflict


Consultation and evaluation services

Engagement in the research evidence for elected members, local authority leaders and staff at every level

Expert training and delivery staff

The staff with experience of working with parental conflict programmes

Case Study

emma brsf

"I absolutely loved supporting the parents think about better ways to cope with emotions, such as when they focused on their breathing technique and did some mindfulness exercises.”

Read about Emma's work helping parents and familes here.

More about Tavistock Relationships

Tavistock Relationships has a long history of training and programme development in the reducing parental conflict space. 

We are the prime contractor and delivery partner in two of the four areas in which the highly successful Reducing Parental Conflict programme is being run.

Our unique offer is born out of direct experience delivering support to parents in conflict in around 30 local authorities over the last four years.

More about mentalization

How Mentalization-Based Therapy for Parents is improving couple communication, reducing parental conflict and increasing child wellbeing. Read our evidence based policy briefing here.


We have worked closely with Tavistock Relationships as a cluster group of 4 Authority areas to develop a range of training for practitioners to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to reduce parental conflict. Working with Tavistock we have found them to be very understanding of our needs and very flexible in their approach to ensure the best training opportunities to practitioners across our region.

Steve Macabee 

Multi-Agency Training Manager (SSCP) Somerset Safeguarding Children Partnership