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TR therapists answer calls on ITV This Morning’s Relationships Special

Published in Press Releases by Tavistock Relationships on January 8th 2024

Tavistock Relationships couple therapists on ITV This Morning relationships helpline

Psychotherapists from Tavistock Relationships (TR), the charity helping individuals and couples to have better relationships, will be offering relationship support for ITV This Morning’s Relationships Special New Year phone-in tomorrow (Tuesday 9 January 2024).

The programme airs 10am to 12.30pm, and the therapists, along with ITV This Morning’s Agony Aunt Deidre Sanders, will be answering calls until 3pm.

Joanna Harrison, a therapist in TR’s Divorce and Separation Consultation Service who will be manning the ITV This Morning Helpline, explains:

“We’re pleased to again be able to support ITV This Morning’s focus on relationships. We always see a significant rise in couples and individuals seeking relationship support in the New Year, so it’s good to be able to provide this extra help at such a difficult time for many couples.

“Over the festive season many couple relationships are sorely tested by the pressure of trying to create the perfect Christmas, especially against the backdrop of the cost of living crisis. Stress and money worries can lead to tensions frequently boiling over and increased conflict between parents.

“We urge couples and individuals experiencing anxiety, worry and confusion about their relationship to seek expert support, to help avoid a crisis, leading to emotional turmoil and potential mental health issues for the whole family.

“For those who have decided to separate, it’s really helpful to get relationship support alongside the legal process. This is vital for the children involved, as we know that where conflict is prolonged and unresolved it affects children's mental health. In our experience of working with parents, where the emotional aspect of their relationship breaking down isn't attended to, it can then prolong the conflict.

“Here at TR we help couples to communicate with each other and become less defensive, so they can make the decisions that need to be made. This helps them escape from prolonged legal costs and hostility which can make the process of divorce less expensive both financially and emotionally.”

Deidre Sanders adds: “These special phone-ins attract hundreds of callers. I know This Morning viewers so appreciate the opportunity to get free and insightful support to start sorting out their relationship problems, and it’s great to think we are helping some families to feel happier.”

TR’s ‘Divorce and Separation Consultation’ service helps couples and individuals lessen their defensiveness, so they can have the conversations they need to have about children and money, and divorce better. An initial three consultations with a therapist are offered to help partners work on their communication.

To find out more about TR’s Divorce and Separation Consultation service, go to or call 020 7380 1975.


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Established in 1948, Tavistock Relationships is the charity helping individuals and couples to have better relationships. We believe the world can be changed for the better through nurturing relationships. We aim to advance the understanding of relationships, and of relationship-focused therapy and support, so that everyone gets the help they need.

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