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Parenting and relationships

Can you identify with the dilemma facing this couple with a young baby?

Watch to see how arguments can be approached differently.

This video, along with others which focus on arguments around money and jealousy, is available on our app, Between Us

Couple and Family Psychoanalysis

A leading international journal with contributions from Tavstock Relationships staff.

This peer-reviewed journal, promoting the theory and practice of working with couple and family relationships from a psychoanalytic perspective, has contributions from across the world.

Couple and Family Psychoanalysis provides a forum for disseminating current ideas and research and for developing clinical practice.

Between Us - an app to help you have a better relationship with your partner

Between Us provides individuals and couples with a range of exercises, tips, videos and information all designed to help you better understand what’s going wrong in your relationship and do something about it.
Watch a video about it or find out how to download it here.

Putting a Price on Love: Wellbeing, Relationships and Social Policy Evaluation

An online seminar chaired by Baroness Tyler, with Dr Allan Little (Department for Education), Andrew Balfour (Tavistock Relationships), Nancy Hey (What Works Centre for Wellbeing) and Jon Franklin (Pro Bono Economics).

Relationships: Changing Norms and Forms

View this BPC Scholars and Clinicians in Dialogue video on the changing face of relationship norms featuring Sasha Roseneil, Professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science in the Institute of Advanced Studies at University College, London, and Dr Chris Clulow, Couple Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and Senior Fellow of the Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology.

Support where one partner may be
cheating online

Our microsite - Online Affairs - is packed with support material assisting those who may be struggling, where one or both parties in a relationship is affected by the use of digital communications or resources.

i-Spy is a video series that shows how 'cheating' can develop, with an intriguing twist. You can watch it here. View the resource pages.

A brief history of Tavistock Relationships

Find out about the history of Tavistock Relationships and the origins and development of couple therapy.

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