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Tavistock Relationships created digital resources for separating parents

Published in Press Releases by Tavistock Relationships on May 3rd 2023

man using Cafcass separated parents e-learning

In partnership with digital development company Axis12, Tavistock Relationships has created new digital resources for Cafcass, to help parents to prioritise their children’s needs during separation.

Earlier this month, on behalf of the Ministry of Justice, Cafcass launched Planning Together for Children, a new course and set of resources for parents to help them think about how to prioritise their children’s needs while they are separating.

Planning Together for Children combines e-learning, group work and online support for parents involved in private law family court proceedings. It replaces the Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP). Around 24,000 parents are referred to a SPIP course every year and their feedback has been used to develop this new set of resources.

The digital resources created by Tavistock Relationships and Axis12 for the Planning Together for Children programme, are designed to help parents, as well as extended family members, understand the damaging impact parental conflict has on children, and find ways to agree ‘spending time with’ arrangements for their children without the need to go to court.

Andrew Balfour, CEO of Tavistock Relationships, explains: “Research shows that exposure to unresolved parental conflict has significant negative effects on children, but increasing numbers of separating parents are unable to agree on arrangements for their children, and are seeking recourse to the family courts to try to resolve their conflict.

“To help separated parents to work through and resolve their disagreements and to agree on a parenting plan, without the need to go to court, we have worked with Cafcass and Axis12 to produce e-learning materials for parents. We hope this will lead to improved outcomes for many more separated parents and their children.”
The e-learning materials will be launched in April 2023. View our website for more information about the work Tavistock Relationships is doing to reduce inter-parental conflict.

For more information about the Cafcass ‘Planning Together for Children’ programme, go to Cafcass launches Planning Together for Children on behalf of the Ministry of Justice to help parents to prioritise their children’s needs during separation - Cafcass - Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service.


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Notes for editors

Tavistock Relationships helps more individuals and couples to have better relationships, and to improve their own wellbeing and that of their children

Cafcass independently advises the family courts in England about what is safe for children and in their best interests. It supports over 140,000 children every year by understanding their experiences and speaking up for them when the family court makes critical decisions about their futures

Axis12 is a digital development agency based in Islington, London. Built of talented developers, UX designers, QA specialists, project managers and digital strategists. Collaborating to design, build, develop and manage data, processes and services

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