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Couple Therapy for Depression with Perinatal Focus trainings

Training to support couples in the perinatal period

Tuition and awareness days based around the evidence-based, NICE-approved model, Couple Therapy for Depression

Tavistock Relationships has created a new skills and awareness opportunities for clinical and non-clinical staff working with parents encountering the effects of depression during the pre-natal and post-natal periods. Read more about our current training options below.

Couple Therapy for Depression with Perinatal Focus - 5-day Training

A 5-day intensive training for qualified practitioners working in Perinatal Services that will cover the competencies required to be qualified as a CTfD - Perinatal Focus practitioner.

Working with Couples: Raising Awareness Training

One-day programmes for clinical and non-clinical staff working in Perinatal Services to raise awareness of issues in couple dynamics, signs of depression and risk during the perinatal period, and to provide guidelines for building an effective support service.