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New Online Psychotherapy Service Launched

08 December 2016
Tavistock Relationships, a world-leading centre of excellence in providing couple therapy and individual counselling, is entering new ground by offering therapy and counselling for couples and individuals online via webcam. 

Parents as Partners awarded highest rating

22 March 2016
Tavistock Relationships' Parents as Partners programme awarded the highest rating of all interventions reviewed by Early Intervention Foundation.

New online chat service to help make therapy more accessible

11 February 2016
In the lead up to Valentine’s Day, The Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (TCCR) unveils its new web-based clinical chat service - Chat First. This initiative will enable couples or individuals to ask any questions about couple therapy prior to entering the consultation room.

Trailblazing therapy help parents work together

26 January 2016
The Parents in Dispute Therapeutic programme engages with the most difficult cases and provides an alternative to protracted and damaging court battles for separated couples and their children.

New model in Harrow to help couples

04 January 2016
TCCR begins delivery of innovative counselling model in Harrow to help couples who are violent towards one another to stop.

Tavistock calls for new family hubs to support couple relationships

08 October 2015
Conservative conference hears that embedding relationship support in a new model of children centre service delivery is fundamental to tackling the £47 billion cost of relationship breakdown.

Call to ensure access to therapies for depression

18 September 2015
Mental health service users and professional bodies call on the Government to ensure that patients can access a range of talking therapies for depression.

Parents as Partners group work programme announces impressive outcomes

02 April 2015
Innovative group parenting programme reduces parents' psychological distress, improves relationship quality and parenting skills, helping participants and their children.

Couples and Christmas

05 January 2015
The holiday season is not always such a magical time for everyone. Enquiries to relationship counselling services increase significantly during the post-Christmas period.

New Parents as Partners Programme

03 March 2014
The Cowans’  Supporting Father Involvement - A Couple Approach Programme, which aims to help couples resolve ineffective relationship dynamics which can have a negative impact on their children, is being brought from California to UK this month.

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