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Marie and Theo

The issue

Unable to have children of their own, Theo and Marie had decided to adopt around five years into their relationship. They came to us when the emotional twists of the adoption process threatened to derail their relationship.

The process

During their therapy Theo and Marie were able to reflect together how, in the midst of their sky high expectations of life as a family, they had both forgotten that they still had a relationship to take care of.

With the significant changes to their social life that becoming parents brought, each partner began to feel resentment building up. Our therapists helped the couple start talking about the whole host of unanswered questions and concerns about their respective roles in relation to the adoption process and parenting.

Why hadn’t they spent more time planning their response to adoption? Are their two children more challenging than others or was their anxiety transmitting to them and affecting their behaviour? Was it normal to argue this much? How did they each feel about the reality of adoption as opposed to the dreams of the ‘perfect’ family they had each had before embarking on the process? These were all questions which Theo and Marie were able to look at in depth by using the space provided by the couples therapist.

The outcome

By the time Theo and Marie ended therapy they both felt that their relationship had become deeper and more strong. Adoption places unique strains on a relationship, and Theo and Marie used their therapy to explore some of these, in addition to a range of issues which couples might generally experience.

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