Relationship issues

woman who has found someone else's hair on partner's collarwoman who has found someone else's hair on partner's collar

Infidelity and relationships

Finding out that your partner is cheating, or has cheated, on you can be devastating. This article explores the considerations and choices couples can make. Find out more. >>

worried couple working out finances with a calulatorworried couple working out finances with a calulator

Money worries and relationships

Anxieties around money and finances are one of the most common things which can cause difficulties in relationships. Read advice on how to reduce the impact of financial worries on your partnership. Find out more. >>

couple looking at each other and holding hands at a tablecouple looking at each other and holding hands at a table

Communication and relationships

The ability to communicate well, and keep communicating, is key to sustaining our relationships with friends, family and, most importantly, our romantic partners. Find out more. >>

sad lesbian couple having a serious talksad lesbian couple having a serious talk

Splitting up well

The end of a relationship can be a difficult time emotionally. After all, we generally embark on committed relationships hoping that they will succeed, not fail. And so when things don’t work out it can release a flood of emotions. Read more. >>

parents feeding their babyparents feeding their baby

Parenting and relationships

You might expect to feel unwavering happiness and joy with your partner after having a baby, but that’s often not the whole story. Indeed, many relationships struggle under the stress and responsibility of a new baby. Read more. >>

older couple looking into the distance and away from each otherolder couple looking into the distance and away from each other

Wondering if you might need help for your relationship?

If you're wondering about if your relationship needs help, it's likely to be true. Often, we suppress our innermost thoughts and feelings about our relationship to focus on other matters. Read about the signs and about investing in your relationship. >>

couple looking upset with each othercouple looking upset with each other

Conflict and relationships

Conflict that is persistent, ongoing and never leads to any resolution is a sign that something is not going well in your relationship. Find out more about causes, consequences and steps you can take. >>

therapist talking to a couple on a couchtherapist talking to a couple on a couch

Could you be a couple therapist?

If you are intrigued about the possibility of training one day to become a couple therapist, you can rest assured that such a step would equip you for an enriching career helping people in meaningful and valuable ways. Find out more. >>

How to book an appointment

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