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Couples Therapy

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We can all experience difficulties in our relationships from time to time.

When we feel stuck with conflicts, misunderstandings or other problems and can’t find a way out of this ourselves, then couples therapy can offer you a confidential setting where you can work with a therapist to explore your situation.  This can generate new ways of thinking and resolving the problems you and your partner are experiencing.

The first step is an initial consultation with one of our therapists who will listen to your concerns, and think with you about the most helpful way forward.

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International clients

Working online enables us to offer our services to people in many countries outside the UK (excepting the US). 

Couples where one or both partners are working internationally, have an adjustment to make without the support they may have had while living within the UK, particularly if they have a family.  Our therapists have many years’ experience of working with these issues.

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When sex is a problem

From time to time, it is not unusual for couples to experience issues in their sexual relationship. This can be for a variety of reasons, and linked not only to external stressors but also to tensions within the relationship.  

You or your partner might be experiencing specific difficulties which a psychosexual therapist can be best placed to help you with. Such difficulties can include help with improving intimacy, erection problems, rapid (premature) ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, difficulty in female orgasm, sexual arousal issues, differential sexual desire levels (libido) in a couple relationship, painful intercourse, sexual risk-taking behaviour and loss of sexual desire.    

upset parents discussing issues with children present

Help with Parenting

Parenting can be an extremely rewarding and enriching experience, but it can also bring stresses and strains.

It can be hard to manage the conflicting demands of attending to the needs of the children as well as having an intimate and satisfying relationship. When you are stressed and in conflict, this can, in turn, upset the children and have a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing.  

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Helping you deal with divorce and separation

For most couples, there’s a sad paradox when it comes to divorce and separation – just when you need to be able to communicate with one another better than ever before, you’ve often stopped speaking at all.

This can be because all the changes and tensions between ‘soon to be ex partners’ become so overwhelming and seemingly impossible to manage, that people often shut down. Couples in this situation may find our divorce and separation service is a helpful intervention to find a way to speak or negotiate with one another about decisions that need to be made.

couples in online and face-to-face therapy

What if my partner doesn't want to attend? 

Although it is more helpful to address relationship problems when both partners come for therapy, and we will encourage both partners to attend, our therapists are also trained to work with individuals and we see lots of people on their own.

We also help individuals who may not currently be in a relationship. It may be your relationship has recently broken down or that you have felt that you have had a series of relationships that you have been unsure have been right in some way or another.