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    Couples Therapy

    Relationship health is mental health

"I felt the therapists I saw were very empathetic and keen to help me work through my emotional issues."

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We're here to help with couples therapy

We can all experience difficulties in our relationships from time to time.

When we feel stuck with conflicts, misunderstandings or other problems and can’t find a way out of this ourselves, then we need some help. Couples therapy will give you a safe and protected setting where you can work with your therapist to explore your situation, and find new ways of thinking about and resolving the problems you and your partner are experiencing.


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face-to-face and online couples therapy sessionsface-to-face and online couples therapy sessions

Therapy options to suit you

We provide a choice of working with your therapist online or choosing to see a therapist who could work with you in person at our centre in the City of London, near Liverpool Street station.

Read about online or in-person therapy

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How can couples therapy help me with my relationship?

At Tavistock Relationships we provide regular weekly sessions which will offer you a chance to explore some of the issues that may be concerning you.

The first step is an initial consultation with one of our therapists who will think with you about what is worrying you, and help you to find new ways of understanding and making sense of your difficulties.

You can choose to come with your partner or on your own. At your first meeting with us, you will be able to talk through any concerns and ask any questions you might have about what coming to therapy will entail.

If you and your therapist decide that ongoing couple therapy is likely to be helpful for you, we will offer you a regular weekly appointment with a therapist matched with your needs.

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How to book a couples therapy appointment

We offer in-person (at our City of London location) and online relationship therapy.

 There are two ways of booking a consultation:

  • Direct Booking ServiceOur fixed fee service. Book directly with one of our therapists, with the option of continuing to see that therapist for ongoing therapy at that day and time.
  • Main Clinical Booking ServicePay what you can afford service. Book an initial consultation with one of our therapists and then you will be allocated to a suitable ongoing therapist if sessions are agreed.

We can offer subsidised therapy to a limited number of people, who otherwise would not be able to access therapy.  Read about our low fee services.

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If you need help deciding whether online therapy or in-person therapy is best for you, take a look at this helpful article.

The work involved in couple therapy and the breakthroughs it can lead to

“You have to be real. Feelings need to be expressed and felt.”

Couple therapist and CEO Andrew Balfour on the work of couple therapy, and the very real breakthroughs that can come from it  

Couple therapy works.

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